At some time most will injure themselves while over exercising, this can happen during or after their training suffering from severe muscular cramps which are debilitating at the time of onset.

When cramp occurs there are differing reasons for onset muscle cramps:

  • Dehydration as you can appreciate during training will cause sweating which is needed to cool the body temperature therefore cooling blood flow to the organs, but this same act complicates the natural harmony in the body by an increase of bodily salts due to the fluid loss.
  • Cramps can hit the sports person during or at the end of their training this can be caused in a change in the structure of the muscle group due to fatigue, bleeds or general fitness of the individual.
  • We need to consider circulation as well are they on any long term medication that may cause cramps, a build up in lactic acid (causing a burning sensation), environment or winters morning too cold!!, clothing is too tight socks and boots for example these all impact on the circulation therefore possibly causing cramps.

Prevention is always better than cure look at the ability for those doing sport that they are properly hydrated and fed prior to training. A good warm up regime to increase blood flow to the muscles is always good, thus making them supple and lessening the chance of injury during training, a match or competition. If cramps are a constant problem for an individual they should seek professional advice.