Have you ever considered taking a first aid training course? Perhaps you have but are thinking that it may not come into
use very often but that might not be the case. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a first aid training course.

To Protect Your Family

If you have children then naturally you will want to protect them and be able to take of them when
they get hurt, and let’s face it they will get hurt at some point. Kids love to play and often the more dangerous the game is
the more appealing it is to them but sometimes this can lead to serious injuries that need instant attention. If it is a head or
neck injury then you will have to act before the ambulance arrives and that’s when it is vital to know what you are doing as
the wrong actions can make the situation even worse and that’s where an FPOS Course can help.

To Take Care Of The Elderly

Continuing with the family theme, if you have elderly relatives living with you then it is smart to have some first aid
knowledge as elderly people are very vulnerable to many dangers. These dangers could be natural such as a heart attack
or stroke or they could be accidents such as falling down stairs, slipping in the shower etc. Being able to give them swift
medical attention can make a world of difference and can often save a life.

For Sports Related Injuries

Do you play for a sports team? Perhaps you are a coach or a spectator. Whatever your role is you can play an important part by learning
first aid. We all know the dangers surrounding sports, especially high contact ones like rugby and football which can cause
serious injuries. If you have a first aid qualification then you could play a vital role in helping someone who is injured
especially if the game is in a remote location and hard for an ambulance or doctor to get to it quickly.

To Enhance Your Career Prospects

Having a first aid qualification such as AED training in your workplace has many benefits. There are
the obvious plus sides to being able to help any of your colleagues who get injured or ill during work and there are
personal benefits as well. Taking on the responsibility of a first aid role in your workplace will look great on your CV, it will
impress your seniors and make your position within the company more stable and your employees will pay for your course
which means that you will get your qualification for free. You never know, you may end up saving your bosses life and
getting that promotion that you have always dreamed of.

For Your Own Health

So far we have looked at how first aid training can help you to help others but importantly it will also give you the tools to look after yourself. If for example you
are out for a walk or camping by yourself and you suffer an injury or turn for the worse then you will know what to do and
while you may still need help you will be able to tend to wounds or diagnose problems well enough to keep you out of
danger until that help arrives. Having first aid knowledge really can be the difference between life and death and the
benefits of learning it are limitless.