Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries and How to Treat Them Most people tend not to think too much about their eyes until something happens to them. However, if your eye does sustain an injury, you may panic about what to do. This is why it is so important to be aware of the most common eye injuries, [...]

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Importance of First Aid Courses

Why First Aid and First Aid Courses Are So Important Have you ever asked yourself what is the importance of first aid courses for my collegues? Within the workplace, many people have to complete first aid courses, and with good reason. Last year 1.3 million people in Great Britain suffered a work-related illness, while 142 [...]

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Treating a Broken / Fractured Ankle

How to: Treating a Broken / Fractured Ankle If you stumble and fall, and feel an unusual pain in your lower extremities, you might have a broken ankle or caused injury to the soft tissues surrounding the ankle. Signs & Symptoms may include Pain, swelling, bruising, and sometimes, deformity caused by misalignment of the bones. [...]

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Why You Need to Learn First Responder Skills

Many people do not bother about to learn first responder skills, because they assume that medical professionals will be able to take care of their needs should an emergency arise. However, emergencies are generally not predictable, which means you may find yourself in a situation that involves a beloved friend or family member without anyone [...]

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