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Anaphylaxis Epi-Pens for Schools

As of 1st October 2017 a change in the law will allow Adrenaline Auto-Injectors in Schools without Prescription.

The Human Medicines Regulation 2012 will allow schools to purchase without prescription from suppliers for use in an anaphylactic emergency.

The ongoing rise of food allergies in the young are posing a significant risk for schools. They can then […]

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Use of an AED (defibrillator)

Regulations for the use of an AED

An AED also referred to as a defibrillator, is the name given to a device that allows members of the general public to try to restart a heart following cardiac arrest. AEDs are deliberately designed to be easy to operate. The device comes with a computer program that is capable […]

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Children and a high temperature

What to do if your child has a high temperature
Between 36.5 degrees centigrade and 37.5 degrees centigrade is the normal temperature for the human body. While parents can often be worried by a rise in the temperature of their child, a fever is in fact often a good sign, because it shows that their body […]

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Spotting Meningitis in babies and young children

Babies and Meningitis — the Symptoms
Meningitis is the term used for an inflammation of the membrane that covers the spinal cord and the brain, known as the meninges. There are a number of different kinds of meningitis, which are almost all extremely serious and can develop at a very rapid rate.

The most common type of […]

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Business Health and Safety issues

10 important business health and safety issues to consider
When running a business, it is very important that you pay attention to all health and safety issues that may present themselves in the workplace. As an employer, you are responsible for keeping your employees safe and for making sure that risks to their health are minimised. […]

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Treating back pain

Treating back pain in a Patient
Treating back pain is one of the most difficult treatments as there are numerous reasons why a person may seek help for a sore back, but as a first aid provider it is your job to assess the situation, and offer proper treatment options. Firstly if a person has had […]

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How to Put Someone in an Arm Sling

If you arrive at a scene and someone has injured their wrist or their forearm, then it may be a good idea to place an arm sling on the patient. Even breaks around the shoulder may require an arm sling, since you will need to stabilise and immobilise the arm so that further damage is […]

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First Aid Kit Essentials

What Every First Aid Kit Should Include
You never know when an emergency might arise, and you also never know how long it will take for help to arrive if one does. For that reason you should have a first aid kit on hand, locked up in a high place that is out of reach of […]

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Signs and Symptoms of a Head Injury

Signs and Symptoms to Look Out for After a Head Injury
One of the problems with a head injury is that while you may notice a lump, bruise, or cut, if the person is awake and speaking, it’s hard to spot the Signs and Symptoms of a Head Injury. In spite of the fact that there […]

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Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries and How to Treat Them
Most people tend not to think too much about their eyes until something happens to them. However, if your eye does sustain an injury, you may panic about what to do. This is why it is so important to be aware of the most common eye injuries, and […]

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How to Treat Burns and Scalds

Treat Burns and scalds
Minor burns and scalds, though painful, can usually be dealt with at home. If the burn is easy to access, e.g. on an arm or leg, then cool the burn down by running cold or lukewarm water across the affected area. You need to do this as soon as the injury happens, […]

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Importance of First Aid Courses

Why First Aid and First Aid Courses Are So Important
Have you ever asked yourself what is the importance of first aid courses for my collegues? Within the workplace, many people have to complete first aid courses, and with good reason. Last year 1.3 million people in Great Britain suffered a work-related illness, while 142 people […]

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Spot the Key Signs of a Stroke

If you or someone you know starts to suffer from chronic headaches, then you should seek medical advice as this could lead to a stroke. If you suspect that someone is having a stroke, then you need to call an ambulance straight away. When it comes to a stroke, the faster you act, the more […]

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Learn First Aid

First Aid Everyone Should Know
Sometimes people will find themselves in a situation where they need to help someone who’s been hurt or who faints, or has trouble breathing. A basic knowledge of just a few first aid skills could help save a person’s life. Below are a few of the first aid skills that everyone […]

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Treating a Broken / Fractured Ankle

How to: Treating a Broken / Fractured Ankle
If you stumble and fall, and feel an unusual pain in your lower extremities, you might have a broken ankle or caused injury to the soft tissues surrounding the ankle. Signs & Symptoms may include Pain, swelling, bruising, and sometimes, deformity caused by misalignment of the bones. It […]

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