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5 Common Health & Safety Mistakes

If taken for granted, health and safety at the workplace could cost you a lot. Apart from being a public safety requirement, these measures make your business an ideal place to work in. Most incidents happen on factory floors or construction sites. Even in an office, one of your employees can trip on an electric cable […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Take A First Aid Training Course

Have you ever considered taking a first aid training course? Perhaps you have but are thinking that it may not come into
use very often but that might not be the case. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a first aid training course.

To Protect Your Family

If you have children then naturally you will want […]

First Aid in the Workplace Saves Lives

First Aid in the Workplace
NDFA has a great deal of experience providing the best first aid training Belfast or Northern Ireland has to offer.
Working environments require good up to date training as much as any other team of people. The workplace can be a
dangerous place no matter what kind of business you’re part of. Therefore, […]

What is First Aid?

The definition of “First Aid is the immediate assistance or treatment given to someone injured, suddenly taken ill before the arrival of an Ambulance, Doctor or other appropriately qualified person”. So therefore what does this statement mean to you? Whether you have experience in this field or not MOST people know First Aid or what […]

6 Jobs that Require First Aid Training

First Aid Training for Jobs
Most people with first aid training are employed in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Medical personnel such as
nurses, doctors, and lab technicians may be required to perform CPR in the course of their work. Other hospital personnel
who may be required to undergo CPR and first aid training include human resource staff, […]